Marco Carrubba

"I believe in the power of differences"

About Me

 As somebody who believes in the power of differences, I have lived in different parts of the world and based my personal and professional growth on the ability to see, respect and accept the world from different points of view: I love to learn how people interpret things and forge habits different from mine. 

I love to travel and meet new cultures and enjoy remembering them by freezing time and memories  with my camera.

Italian, living in London, my personal mission is to empower every person and every organisation I meet to achieve their potential. 

I consistently do this not only in my personal life, not only in my business interactions but I also believe in giving back: I volunteer regularly, either gifting my time and skills for noble causes as well as mentoring colleagues or young entrepreneurs in startups – through programs like Techstars and VirginStartup.

Today, within VMware’s Customer Experience organization, I lead the most stellar combination of Customer Success professionals on planet Earth: a culturally diverse, geographically dispersed team, thriving for Diversity and Inclusion on a mission to create an environment where all can voice their opinions, where mistakes are tolerated and where the diversity of contributions from all can be treasured and combined.

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My Professional Journey

2019 - Now

☁ Emea Cloud Customer Success Director

2014 - 2019

☁ Public Cloud Portfolio Lead
☁ Cloud Marketing Manager & Evangelist

2005 - 2014

☁ Cloud Delivery Executive
☁ Senior Technical Account Manager
Sales Manager

2001 - 2005

Program Manager

1994 - 2001

Project Manager
Senior Software Application Engineer

Personal Hackathons

I am a photographer, I can freeze time. What is your superpower?

I take pictures of what energise me the most, out of passion for everything beautiful in this world. 

A picture is a story: a story without words, without a language, it crosses all cultural, religious, and national boundaries, it is the purest form of a story.

Photographs have the power to freeze time and looking over them later they have the power to put you back into the past.

I am on a continuous two-way journey from entrepreneurship to Angel Investing.

I have always enjoyed telling stories, as a consequence I regularly experiment with public speaking. 

Writing stories is another thing: I have a craving love for writing.