Creative Writing

I have always enjoyed telling stories, but writing them is another thing: I have a craving love for writing.

Writing provides an outlet for me to express my thoughts, it allows me to explore and express my curiosity and creativity.

Writing is obviously subjective, and each person does it differently, so there’s not right or wrong in what you say or how you say it, provided it is well written. You may like it or dislike it, but then it’s me writing and you reading, so i can get away with that.

Writing allows me to remember, so when I write it down it kinda freezes it. Then when I re-read something I’m instantly transported back to that time in my life, to that exact emotion, in the same mindset I was in then.

And then it enables me to connect with others – call them readers, audience or friends. After all, we re spending time together here. With you. Oh, what a joy!


>> My business stories 
>> Travel Writing:

In 2019 I travelled with my friend Stefano on a memorable trip to Vietnam. 

Lots of unforgettable memories, plenty of photos and videos and my first travel blog post on Photography in Hoi An:

>> Personal Writing

In 2014 I wrote a book about a safe use of the Internet.

For years I volunteered to meet with children and their parents talking about this and guess what? Children got it, parents were lost. So I ended up writing some guidance. 

A bit outdated now, but still treasuring the long nights that kept me awake inspired!