Hello, I am a professional

A seasoned business minded, people focused technology leader helping customers becoming more successful and agile.

With 20+ years of strong leadership and execution experience, I have built many cutting-edge digital products, shaped many organizational departments and led global teams for top-tier organisations in the UK, USA and Europe:

I run a life between technology corporations like VMware, Microsoft, Vodafone and Philips and the start-up world where I am on a continuous two-way journey between Entrepreneurship and Investing, having co-funded three start-ups, being an Angel Investor in amazing tech companies, a mentor in Techstars, Virgin Startup, Vodafone and Oxfor Innovation Brighsparks and TechItalia:Lab in London and an advisor to many awesome tech start-ups.

I aim to take my experience to help scale small start-ups to be successful, as well as larger companies become more agile responding to digital disruption.

My goal is to do so both as an investor into promising start-ups, as well as taking hands on responsibilities in ventures, along with sharing the knowledge I have gained with entrepreneurs.

Most importantly I believe in people, not platforms.

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