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Sometimes it’s good to simplify things.

I regularly find a number of challenges in my job and hobbies, and as a good learn it all person I try to come up with solutions. Simplified solutions.

Recently, I have taken the habit of documenting them so I can structure my conclusions and also so they can be readily available. So, I thought, why not sharing my findings with others and coming up with a series of guides?

So here you are – welcome to this issue of the Elysium Series, providing an accessible solution and some useful thought provokers for a specific aspect of the agile and digital modern lifestyle.

Covering a full spectrum of challenges, these guides ensure that one can plan, create, and execute consistently.


So, binge on a different kind of content with the Elysium Series and hopefully you will also benefit from my discoveries, annotations and questions and hopefully come up with your own solutions, whilst at the same time saving some of your precious time!


I hope you enjoy this series of personal hackathons and that they are useful to you – drop me a line, I’d love to know your feedback!








Personal Branding

Version 1.0 – August 2018

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